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What is DevOps?

DevOps is about meeting software end users’ ever-increasing demand for frequent, innovative new features, uninterrupted performance and high availability. It is a combination of automating the work of software development and operations teams.

The ultimate DevOps processes and cultures extend beyond development and operations to incorporate inputs from all application stakeholders, including platform and infrastructure engineering, security, compliance, governance, risk management, line-of-business, end-users and customers, all into the software development lifecycle.

DevOps represents the current state of the evolution of software delivery cycles during the past 20+ years. From giant application-wide code releases every several months or even years, to iterative smaller feature or functional updates released as frequently as every day or several times per day.

DevOps at a glance

What are the advantages of DevOps?
  • Faster delivery of features
  • More stable operating environments
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • More time focused on innovation
How does DevOps relate to other cloud-native solutions?

Cloud-native development and DevOps are made for one another, allowing rapid release of microservices using

  • Containers
  • Serverless cloud resources
How does DevOps compare to traditional practices?

Prior to DevOps, software was developed and delivered using a linear approach, following a waterfall methodology, with:

  • Larger release cycles, taking months to complete integration and testing
  • Complex and high-risk deployments
  • Risks of business requirement evolution during the time elapsed

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